Aeromexico’s Emotional Support Animal (ESA) and Psychiatric Service Dog Policy

Aeromexico's Emotional Support Animal (ESA) and Psychiatric Service Dog Policy

If you're traveling to Mexico City, you have several opportunities to bring your animal with you in the passenger cabin. Aeromexico still allows both emotional support and service animals on its flights for free. However, this doesn't mean you can arrive at the airport with your pet in hand and board the plane. Boarding procedures vary depending on whether you have a service dog, emotional support animal, or pet. Knowing which airlines allow emotional support animals on flights can be confusing. Therefore, you should review the following essential information before scheduling your next Aeromexico flight.

Get Your Legitimate ESA Letter Consultation from a Trusted Therapist

The Bottom Line:

  • Does Aeromexico Still Accept ESA Letters? - Aeromexico still allows ESAs to fly for free with some restrictions. You must present documentation from a psychiatric professional justifying your need to travel with an ESA.
  • What is a PSD Letter? - PSD letters substantiate that you have a disability that qualifies you to live with a psychiatric service dog.
  • How Do You Get a PSD Letter? - You must contact a licensed mental health professional in your state to schedule an evaluation to determine your eligibility.
  • How Do You Qualify for a PSD Letter? - A mental health professional will evaluate you and your medical history to determine if you are eligible for a PSD.
  • How to Get Started? - Complete the Pettable 3-minute quiz. Pettable will review your responses and use them to match you with a qualified mental health professional in your area.

Recent Changes to Aeromexico’s ESA Policy

Though Aeromexico allows emotional support pets on its flights, the policy is different than it once was. These changes could have resulted from the US DOT regulation that became effective in January 2021. While the DOT does not oversee flights departing from or flying throughout Mexico, planes traveling in and out of the US may still have to follow the new ESA policy. 

The updated regulation states that US airlines no longer need to recognize emotional support pets as service animals. Professionally trained service animals assist people by performing necessary tasks or work as the owner's disability dictates. Since ESAs do not receive service training, they no longer qualify to ride free on most international and US domestic flights.

Fortunately, people with a mental disability can get certification to fly in the US with a psychiatric service dog. Pettable makes it easy to certify your dog with a PSD letter. In addition to your letter, the US DOT mandates you submit the Service Animal Air Transportation Form to bring a service dog aboard. 

Aeromexico recently changed its ESA policy, too. While the name remains unchanged, emotional support animals must meet restrictions similar to psychiatric service dogs. Only dogs and cats can fly as ESAs, and owners now must provide documentation from a psychiatrist or therapist explaining their need for the animal.

How to Fly with Your Psychiatric Service Dog on Aeromexico

Aeromexico allows you to travel with a service dog or emotional support animal. Both scenarios require advanced planning and proper documentation. 

According to Aeromexico's emotional support and service animal policy, a dog that provides a specific task for its owner is a service animal. Psychiatric service dogs match this definition. Aeromexico allows service dogs on all planes regardless of flight length. Since the dogs must remain on the floor in front of you, let the airline know at booking if you prefer a seat opposite the bulkhead for more room.

You can also travel with an emotional support animal if it fits the more stringent guidelines of the Aeromexico ESA policy (also known as the emotional support animals Aeromexico policy). You must first obtain a letter from a psychiatrist and complete an application on Aeromexico's website. 

Both small cats and dogs that provide therapeutic support qualify as ESAs. An ESA must meet the following size restrictions: less than 22" long, shorter than 12" tall, and have a maximum weight of 16 pounds. Your ESA can ride in your lap or an optional carrier under the seat in front of you, so you have flexibility when choosing your seat. 

Keep in mind if you must connect to other cities on US domestic airlines before or after your Aeromexico flight, declaring your dog as a PSD may be the only way it can fly in the cabin for free on those airlines.

How to Get Your Legitimate Psychiatric Service Dog Letter with Pettable

Pettable's PSD Letter is an excellent resource for flying with your animal as a psychiatric service dog. The process begins with a three-minute quiz on Pettable's website. You provide details about your dog and why you need the letter. After finishing an additional mental health quiz, Pettable matches you with a mental health professional in your state. After a phone consultation with the professional, you should receive your PSD letter within 24 hours.  

What is the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA)?

The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) began in 1986 to protect disabled passengers from airline discrimination. It also made airlines follow the same guidelines for making travel accommodations for those with various disabilities. As of 2009, all flights in and out of the US on foreign air carriers, including Aeromexico, must abide by this law. 

Emotional Support Animals under the ACAA

In the past, the DOT didn't require a specific form to bring an ESA aboard, nor did they clarify permitted animals. This situation left much room for interpretation, and airlines allowed questionable ESAs on the plane. 

The desire for more explicit regulations led to the DOT updating the law in 2020. New guidelines no longer recognize emotional support animals and only have two animal identifiers: service dogs and pets. Additionally, passengers must now complete the US DOT form to fly with a service dog.

What is the Difference Between an Emotional Support Animal and Psychiatric Service Dog?

Training differentiates ESAs from PSDs. A psychiatric service dog receives specific training to assist its owner, while an emotional support animal provides comfort without instruction. Additionally, while a cat can be an ESA, only a dog, and occasionally a miniature horse, can be a psychiatric service animal. 

Some skills a psychiatric dog trains for are sensing an oncoming panic attack, distracting its owner away from doing harmful activities, and interrupting repetitive behaviors. 

Aeromexico's Service Dog Policies

Aeromexico's guidelines for flying with service dogs or emotional support animals are similar. 

When flying with your service dog, you must follow these regulations:

  • You may travel with only one animal
  • You cannot provide your dog food or water during the flight
  • There are no restrictions on the weight or size of a service dog
  • Your dog must be older than eight weeks
  • You and your dog need to check in at least two hours before your flight
  • If you sit next to someone with allergies, the airline can require you to change seats. If none are available on your scheduled flight, Aeromexico may move you to another one at no charge.

Emotional support animals should meet the above requirements plus the following parameters:

  • Both dogs and cats qualify as ESAs if they weigh less than 16 pounds and are smaller than 12" tall and 22" long.
  • Dogs and cats may ride on their owner's lap or in a small carrier under the seat in front of them.

Aeromexico's Required Documentations

Flying with your ESA or PSD requires various documents depending on whether you travel between the US/Canada and Mexico, within Mexico, or leave Mexico on a flight to South America, Central America, Europe, or Asia. Many of these forms require official signatures, so advanced planning is necessary.

  • A medical certificate signed by a psychologist explaining your need for an emotional support animal – (for ESAs only)
  • Permission from Aeromexico – (for ESAs only)
  • US DOT Service Air Animal Transportation Form – While Aeromexico does not explicitly state this requirement, any change in airlines or domestic flights through the US may require this document (for service dogs only)
  • Certificate of Good Health – Health certificates must be on the veterinarian's letterhead and include a professional ID number, signature, the animal's breed, color, age, sex, and the owner's name, address, and destination information. 
  • The same certificate works for animals leaving and re-entering Mexico within 15 days.
  • Certificates are valid for 15 days when entering Mexico and five days when traveling within Mexican territory or exiting Mexico.
  • Health certificates are not required for travel between the US or Canada and Mexico. 
  • A rabies certificate and vaccination certificate are necessary for all Aeromexico flights. Rabies certificates are good for one year. 
  • U.S.-bound animals must receive a rabies vaccine more than 28 days before the flight.
  • Deworming and delousing – owners must provide the product name and application date.
  • An Animal Health Export Certificate from SAGARPA – SENASICA – This form requires a veterinarian's signature and is necessary for flights from Mexico to Central and South America.

Advanced Notice

Aeromexico requires 48 hours' notice when traveling with an ESA, which you can provide through the company's website. You can not bring an ESA on your trip if you book less than 48 hours out. Contact Aeromexico at 1-800-237-6639 for more information. 

Quarantine Laws

Some destinations, such as London, have quarantine restrictions for service animals requiring prior travel authorization. Become familiar with your destination's incoming animal regulations before your trip. 

Other Aeromexico's Pet Policies To Know 

If your pet is not a PSD or emotional support animal, it can still travel on Aeromexico as a pet. Dogs and cats less than 20 pounds (including their carrier) can fly in the cabin on trips shorter than six hours, while larger dogs, cats, and birds can ride with the checked baggage. 

Aeromexico's Pet Fees

Aeromexico charges a varying pet fee for animals flying in the cabin. It ranges from $135 and $140 USD on international flights and $1100 and $1400 MXN on flights within Mexico. Aeromexico charges $1300 MXN within Mexico and $210 USD on international flights for pets flying with checked baggage. 

Aeromexico's Breed Restrictions

Brachycephalic dogs and cats are not allowed as checked baggage on Aeromexico flights. 

Aeromexico's Pet Carrier Size Requirements

Carriers to transport dogs in the cabin should have soft sides with maximum dimensions of 16x12x8 inches. Animals flying as Aeromexico cargo must have a hard-sided carrier large enough for a comfortable journey.

Aeromexico's Travel Requirements

Aeromexico's pet policy limits you to one pet, service dog or ESA per passenger. 


Pets must be at least eight weeks old for flights within Mexican territory. 


Passengers traveling to or from London must use Aeromexico Cargo for pets not riding in the cabin. 


Your pet must have a current rabies certificate. Animals flying from countries with high rabies risk are not permitted unless you have a current US-issued rabies vaccination certificate or a CDC Dog Import Permit

Pettable's Tips on How to Fly with Your ESA and Psychiatric Service Dogs

Have a successful trip by following these tips.

Pack for Your Pet

An animal traveling on Aeromexico cannot use the airline's pillows or blankets. Keep your animal comfortable with its favorite blanket or toy.

Exercise Your Animal Before the Flight

Animals cannot walk about the cabin during the flight. Let them run and play before entering the airport terminal.

Familiarize Your ESA With Its Carrier

If you want your ESA in a carrier, purchase one well before the flight. Create a cozy spot for them to rest in it at home. That way, the carrier will smell and feel familiar during the flight.

Get Your Legitimate ESA Letter Consultation from a Trusted Therapist

Frequently Asked Questions

Do service dogs fly for free on Aeromexico?

Yes. Aeromexico allows service dogs to fly at no additional cost.

Does Aeromexico allow ESA dogs?

Aeromexico allows small ESA dogs, and even cats, with a letter signed by a psychiatrist.

Can Aeromexico deny my ESA?

Yes, Aeromexico can deny your ESA if you do not provide the required notification at least 48 hours before your flight. 

Which airlines are still allowing ESA dogs?

Aeromexico is not alone in allowing ESAs in the cabin. Other airlines that permit them are WestJet, Volaris, Latam Airlines, Lufthansa, China Airlines, Air France, Singapore Air, AsianaAir and KLM. 

Can my dog sit on my lap during an Aeromexico flight?

Only well-behaved ESAs can sit on your lap during a flight.