Frequently Asked Questions

Emotional Support Animal Overview
What would count as an emotional support animal?
How do I know if I qualify for an Emotional Support Animal?
What does the ESA process look like at Pettable?
How do I know my letter will work?
Can you confirm that this is legal?
What makes your ESA Letters legitimate?
What happens if my landlord wants to validate that my letter is legitimate?
How long does the process take from start to finish and how quickly will I get my ESA letter?
If I qualify, how would I go about getting an emotional support animal?
Are there benefits to having an Emotional Support Animal?
What is on your ESA letter?
I'm not familiar with the Fair Housing Act – what is it?
Do I need to renew my ESA letter?
How do your consultations work?
To get an ESA Letter, do I have to talk with a mental health professional?
Would an existing pet qualify as an Emotional Support Animal?
Can I qualify multiple pets with the same ESA letter?
My landlord says I can't keep my pet despite having a legitimate ESA letter. What do I do?
What does an ESA Letter let me do?
How does the Money Back Guarantee work?
Are there scam's out there I need to be aware of?
Psychiatric Service Dog Overview
What's the difference between an emotional support animal and a psychiatric service dog?
What standard of training does a PSD need to meet?
What are example tasks and work PSDs can be trained on?
Who can train a PSD?
What makes Pettable’s PSD training program legitimate?
How long is the PSD training and when will I get my certificate?
What information is included in Pettable's PSD training program?
What is the ADA and why does it matter for PSDs?
What are the benefits of getting an ESA letter alongside the PSD Training program?
I have an ESA letter, but have since completed the PSD training process. Do I need to get a PSD letter?
Are PSAs and PSDs the same?
How does the Money Back Guarantee work for PSD training?
Pettable Academy Dog Training
What does Pettable Academy's program cover?
Why should I choose Pettable Academy's online dog training courses?
How long do the online dog training courses take?
What is the difference between Pettable Academy's Master Focus and Puppy Kindergarten training programs?
What will Pettable's dog training courses allow me and my dog to do?
My dog and I have no previous training experience. Will we be able to follow along with Pettable Academy's courses?
At what age should I start training my puppy?
Who will be guiding Pettable Academy's training courses?
What is included within Pettable Academy's 'Live Support' package?
What should be included in my 'Live Support' video of my dog's behavior for Lisa to analyze?
How can I get started with Pettable Academy?
Will I receive a certificate for completing a Pettable Academy course?
What if Pettable Academy does not work for me or my dog?