Pettable Rewards

Make money and help your friends keep their pets.

The Benefits of Sharing Pettable

Get A Free ESA or PSD Letter

You get $30 every time you refer someone. Get a full refund on your ESA or PSD letter by getting 5-7 friends to sign up!

Make Money By Helping People Keep Their Pets

You can also keep making money by sharing Pettable with friends and loved ones. The sky is the limit with how much you can earn.

Win Awesome Prizes

Once per quarter we will award the top referrer an additional $30 per person referred.


How do I get paid?

We will issue a credit directly to the card you used to pay for your emotional support or psychiatric service animal letter.

What is the most I can earn?

The sky is the limit!

How do I share Pettable with my friends?

Enter your name and email into the referral program portal at the top of the page. You'll then receive a unique link you can share with your friends, which will ensure you receive credit for every one of your referrals.

How will the winner for the prizes be chosen?

At the end of each quarter (April, July, October, January) we will tally up who has the most referrals and we'll announce the winner on our IG as well as issue an additional $30 payout for each client referred to the winner!