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Best Pet Insurance for Mixed Breed Cats 2024

Best Mixed Breed Cat Insurance

How Much Coverage Do I Need?

The right amount of coverage for you and your pet is personal. But we aim to make that decision as easy as possible with customizable policy choices. With Pettable pet insurance, you choose the deductible, coinsurance and maximum annual benefit that best fits your budget. And regardless of what policy you choose, we prioritize providing generous coverage for accidents and illnesses to all pet parents.

To decide how much coverage you need, we recommend considering what amount of unplanned pet expenses would impact your ability to provide appropriate care for your cat or dog in an emergency. For example, if you don’t have very much cash on hand for an emergency, you may want to choose a lower deductible of $100 to $250.

Similarly, with co-insurance, many pet parents opt for 90% so they only need to cover 10% of a surprise vet bill after the deductible is met.

Why Pettable Pet Insurance

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Coverage for common accidents and illnesses

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"It has been amazing. Within 3 weeks of paying my first premium, my puppy, Ollie, had a growth on his leg that had to be removed. The surgery was almost $1100 and I got approximately $600 back, I only paid my $350 deductible and my 20% copay. Sadly, just two months later my puppy has another growth, this time on his ear. I had to take him to urgent care because the tumor was cracked open and scabbing. The cost was $95 for the office visit. Within 4 days, I received $76 paid back to me via Venmo. Ollie will have surgery in a couple of days and I have no doubt that my claim will easily be paid"
HeatherPet Parent of Ollie

What generous coverage looks like

Rainwalk policies provide coverage for almost all accidents and illnesses. Here are some of the most common things we coverfollowing diagnosis from your veterinarian.
Pet insurance does not cover your pets pre-existing conditions, routine care, dietary expenses, or cosmetic procedures.
IV fluids and medications
Tooth extractions
Prescriptions & medications
Hereditary conditions
Congenital conditions
Allergy treatments
End-of-life expenses
Exam fees as a result of
covered accident or illness
MRI & X-Rays
General Health
Blood tests and other
diagnostics to uncover illness

Why pet insurance?


47% of pet parents have had pet-related debt


42% of pet parents can’t cover a surprise vet bill


$800-$1500 is the average cost of an emergency vet bill

Common questions we get about insurance

How much coverage do I need?
What is an annual deductible?
What is coinsurance?
What is a maximum annual benefit?
Is there a waiting period for new pets?
How do I file a claim?

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