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What is Pettable Academy?

Pettable Academy is the best option for confidently training your dog or puppy to become the best version of itself. Our two video-based programs are designed to cater directly to your dog's needs.

Puppy Kindergarten consists of 13 videos across three modules to ensure your puppy can lock in on obedient behavior from your earliest days together, with a focus on key items like teething, puppy potty training & puppy-proofing your home.

Focus Training consists of 17 online dog training courses across four modules, covering tactics including basic obedience training, improving manners, and enforcing commands like "sit", "stay", "down" and "leave it."

Upon completion of either program, you will receive a certificate proving your dog's progress.

What our dog parents are saying

Verified customers. Real reviews.
I had a lot of questions and I really appreciated the promptness, guidance they provided and professionalism of the responses. The training videos were helpful and easy to follow."
“Helpful and easy to follow.
Stacy C. Colorado, USA
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Her expertise and training methods have made all the difference in Beni’s development. Thanks to Lisa, we were able to prevent any problem behaviors from taking root and create good habits from the very beginning!”
Shannon Colorado, USA
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“Lisa has been an absolute game-changer!
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What's included in Pettable Academy?

Pettable Academy is designed to empower you with the skills you need to reinforce positive behavior in your dog, whether you have previously trained a dog or not.

By focusing on basic obedience training and enforcing positive behavior, our expert-led programs are proven to work in the real world and create a more fulfilling bond with your dog that will last for life.

Just take our 2-minute evaluation to be matched with the perfect program for you and your pup's needs.

Pettable Academy includes:

Focus Training
- Basic Obedience Training
- A focus on improving your dog's manners and ability to respond to commands like "sit", "stay", leave it", "come" and more in real-world environments
- 17 expert-led video courses across four modules
- A dedication to positive reinforcement, ensuring the skills your dog learns will stick with them for life
- Personalized feedback for you and your dog from our expert trainer*

Puppy Kindergarten
- Preparation for you and your pet's earliest days together
- A focus on training your puppy to become housebroken, undergo proper teething and ensuring your home can withstand your puppy's adolescent behavior.
- 13 expert-led video courses across three modules
- A dedication to positive reinforcement, ensuring the skills your dog learns will stick with them for life
- Personalized feedback for you and your dog from our expert trainer*

Pettable Academy dog training courses are short and easy to follow while still being comprehensive enough to instill better behavior in your dog than you could have previously imagined.

*available as an add-on to your Pettable Academy package

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Meet Pettable Academy's certified dog trainer,
Lisa Gallegos, CPDT - KA

Lisa will help take the guesswork out of self-training your dog or puppy through our guided video lessons, helping you master basic obedience training, puppy potty training and other methods of training to help you keep your dog on its best behavior for the long term. Learn more about Lisa and Pettable Academy below.

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Why Pettable Academy?

1. We Guarantee Our Training Program Will Work For You
We believe you should not have to worry about the legitimacy of an expert-led dog training program. Our concise and effective programs are backed by a satisfaction guarantee: You will be satisfied with the strides your dog takes due to our online dog training program within the first seven days or we will give you 100% of your money back.

2. Concise & Effective Video Modules
Pettable Academy consists of two programs designed to be tangible and easily digestible for dog owners with any level of dog training experience.

 - Puppy Kindergarten features 13 videos over 3 modules, designed to ensure your puppy will be on its best behavior from day one while also preparing you for puppy potty training, teething and preparing your home for your new partner.

- Our Focus Training for adult dogs consists of 17 videos over 4 modules, designed to correct and instill better behavior in your dog through a proven reward system.

Your dog will make strides in its level of obedience within the first seven days of Pettable Academy, with total mastery coming in weeks – not years.

3. Created By a Certified Service Dog Trainer
Our program curriculum is written and led by a professional dog trainer specializing in dog obedience and manners training, ensuring your pet will have the know-how to be on its best behavior at all times.

4. Affordable Pricing & Personalized Feedback
Pettable Academy is the most cost-effective method of ensuring your dog has the obedience and manners it needs to strengthen your bond. Personalized feedback options are also available so you can receive real-time guidance from Lisa Gallegos, CPDT-KA, who can tailor your program regimen to your dog's exact needs.

5. Unparalleled Customer Support
Equiping your dog with the skills it needs to become a well-trained partner can sometimes be stressful, which is why we've invested in a team of support specialists dedicated to making sure you always have access to the support you need.

Our customer service team is available to speak with you 7 days a week from 9 AM-5 PM ET.  
Call us: 855-920-0323.

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Tips On How To Train Your Dog Through Pettable Academy

While many online dog training courses may prove overwhelming to those training a pet for the first time, Pettable Academy is designed to be digestable and empowering – allowing you to move at the pace most comfortable for you and your pet to ensure every lesson is impactful and meaningful.

To get you started with Pettable Academy, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when beginning online dog training.

1. Your pet’s health is key
Dog training relies on your understanding of your dog’s body language, which may be impacted if your pet is struggling with a sickness, injury or disease. To ensure your dog can fully grasp and complete its training, bring your pet to the vet for a full check-up before enrolling in Pettable Academy

2. Go slowly
Just like the rest of us, it takes time, repetition and a few mistakes along the way for your pet to get used to the new skills you are teaching it. Dog training can vary in length based on your schedule, your preferred pace, your dog’s ability not to get overwhelmed and your pet's level of obedience when beginning training. Be sure you are patient with both yourself and your pup to get the best results. 

3. Your dog is always learning
Whether your dog is a psychiatric service dog or just a pet, it is always learning. Paying close attention to both your dog’s actions and your actions when around your dog to ensure you are reinforcing positive behavior is key to your dog’s willingness to engage in psychiatric service dog training tasks. Remember, treats are key!

How to access Pettable Academy

Accessing your Pettable Academy online dog training courses takes just three simple steps:

1. Head to pettable.com
From our home page, navigate to the Dog Training log-in link in the upper right-hand corner of the website

2. Log-in to your Pettable Academy portal
Your Pettable Academy portal is where all of your dog training courses are located. Your progress will be recorded as you move through each module. Simply log-in and resume where you left off! You can also schedule a personal feedback session with Lisa from your portal

3. Press play
Click play and begin teaching your dog lessons that will last a lifetime.

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Enriching Your Dog's Life Can Enrich Yours, Too!

At Pettable, we understand at a personal level the positive impact an animal can have on your life.

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