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We'll connect you to a professional for a consultation who is licensed and can prescribe an ESA letter in accordance with the laws of your state.

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If our mental health professionals determine you need an ESA they will prescribe you an ESA letter, which you will receive in 24 hours that meets all criteria of federal housing and travel regulations.

Why Us

1. Compliant With All Federal Laws
Our therapists, our letters, and our service are compliant with federal laws to guarantee you'll never have a problem with your landlord or airlines.

2. Licensed Therapist In Each State
We work with licensed professionals that can practice in each state and are authorize to prescribe letters for your specific area.

3. Legal & Therapist Support
If you ever run into an issue we are here to help and support you by clarifying questions your landlord may have or providing follow on documentation.

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What our pet parents are saying

Daniel R.
Cat parent

“They truly came to my rescue by helping me get my cat, Lionel prescribed an ESA letter. I need Lionel to keep me calm and was freaking out about not being able to move into my new home with him. I can't say enough how much it means to me to have an ESA service I trust and I know has my back."

The Tracy Family
Dog parents

“Amazing experience! I simply love this. I suffer from OCD and my dog Lucky is key to managing this behavior. I was pretty nervous to get an ESA letter because everything out there looks like a scam. Kudos to the team for making me feel comfortable and taking the time to walk me through everything. Will use again."

The Gilbert Family
Dog parents

“My fur baby needs to be by my side every single moment or my anxiety can spiral out of control. I really can't say enough about how great the service and experience was and how much I appreciate having an ESA service I can trust. Thank you so so much!"


How do I know that this is legal?
How do I know that this is a legitimate ESA letter?
What rights do I have with an ESA letter?

Pettable knows how critical your ESA is to your mental health.

True peace of mind comes when you have help you can count on from experts your trust.

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