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If you qualify, the therapist will then prescribe you an ESA Letter within 24 hours that is compliant with state and federal housing and travel laws.

Why Pettable?

1. We're compliant with federal and state laws
At Pettable, we've taken every step to ensure our operations are legally compliant for housing and travel.

2. We work in your state
We've assembled a network of top mental health specialists who can officially prescribe an ESA Letter where you live.

3. Unparalleled customer support
If there are any questions from a landlord or travel organization who may require additional documentation, we have you covered.

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What our pet parents are saying

Beatus H.
Cat parent

“I had such a great experience with Pettable from beginning to end. Rhiana was super helpful and thoroughly explained everything during my consultation. She created such a safe and comfortable environment during our conversation, making the process seamless. I would highly recommend Pettable’s ESA services to my family and friends.”

Austin K.
Dog parent

“My pup provides relief in stressful situations, particularly when I'm away on necessary travel. Pettable was an amazing resource, connecting me with a therapist who listened to my situation and provided advice above and beyond. I could hear Rhiana's compassion over our call and appreciated her patience with me. I am so grateful for this service!"

The Gilbert Family
Dog parents

“My fur baby needs to be by my side every single moment or my anxiety can spiral out of control. I really can't say enough about how great the service and experience was and how much I appreciate having an ESA service I can trust. Thank you so so much!"


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Life feels so much better with an emotional support animal.

At Pettable, we understand at a personal level the positive impact an animal can have on your life.

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