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Peace of mind comes when we know we’ve made the best decisions for our family.

And for us, pets are family.

Whether it is a quick question about choosing a great food for our dog, or finding out if our cat’s hairballs might be part of a larger concern, we always want to make the best decisions for our pets.

That’s where Pettable comes in. We believe that the best decisions stem from the best advice - and the best advice comes from experts. Our mission is to maximize the well-being of pets, by providing access to world-class veterinary experts and pet professionals - a virtual pet care team, here whenever you need us.

Our first service is designed to you if you are struggling with mental health challenges take your furry friends with you wherever you go.

Pettable was founded by pet lovers who care for your pets as if they were our own: with compassion, trust, and excellence. Welcome to Pettable.

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Alvaro Anspach

Cofounder & CEO

Mark Bosma

Cofounder & CEO

While growing up on a farm in the midwest, Alvaro spent much of his time outdoors caring for animals. This included the typical barnyard populace but it also extended to any wildlife he found injured or abandoned around the farm.  

Despite his love of animals, he chose to pursue a career path in technology, graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Engineering. This path resulted in roles where he built and led sales/operations teams that drove hundreds of millions in revenue.

During this time, he and his wife Isabella started a family and realized that telehealth solutions were key to maintaining peace of mind when illness or injury arose. Yet when they later expanded their family to include a puppy and a hedgehog, they couldn’t find any similar services which extended that peace of mind to their pets.  

As CEO of Pettable, Alvaro is able to combine his years of experience in technology and business with his lifelong love of animals - providing a service that positively impacts pet families all over the US.

Breanden Beneschott

Cofounder & Director

Breanden Beneschott

Cofounder & Director

With endlessly supportive parents, Breanden grew up in the mountains of Northern Nevada surrounded by pets ranging from snakes to macaws to horses. Some of his fondest childhood memories were from building barns and shoveling manure for long hours on Sundays with his dad. It was during this time that he developed a deep appreciation for animal well-being and hard work.

Breanden went on to receive a degree in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University where he rediscovered his love for horses through the sport of polo. In the years since, he and his family have worked to make horses a significant part of their lives.

Breanden is now the cofounder and CEO of Mechanism, a San Francisco based venture firm. Previously, he was the cofounder and COO of a staffing company that bootstrapped its way to 9-figure revenues and required extensive global travel.

It was during this time that Breanden saw how deeply universal and important the animal-human bond is for people across the world. From gauchos in Argentina to family farms in Europe to olympic horse jumpers in New Zealand, animals simply make people better humans.

Denis Grosz

Cofounder & Chairman

Denis Grosz

Cofounder & Chairman

Denis grew up in Southern California with a dog, Willie, a cat, Eepskin (don’t ask!), and two parakeets, Sky and Andy. He went on to study Philosophy at UC Berkeley. He then founded a string of successful companies all with the aim of using technology to alleviate consumer needs.

He now lives with his English Labrador, Murphy, in Nevada and deeply understands how complex it can be to care for a pet in the modern world. He is committed to ensuring that Pettable continues to make it easier to be a great pet parent and promote the wellness of as many pets as possible.

When he is not working, you can find him hiking in the Sierra Nevadas with Murphy. He also loves skiing, woodworking, throwing pottery on the wheel, and welding.

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