A letter from our cofounders

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Cofounder & CEO, Pettable

We know first-hand the healing benefit of having an emotional support animal.

That's why we launched Pettable – to connect individuals like you with certified mental health professionals in your state who are qualified to prescribe ESA Letters for housing and travel.

Our service is compliant with federal and state laws. You get peace of mind knowing we've done our due diligence to be able to offer you this service today.

It’s our personal mission to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with Pettable has a positive experience.

Everyone at Pettable is a pet owner themself. So we know life without a furry friend can seem like no life at all. Now with Pettable ESA Letters, that's not something you need to worry about anymore.

The Pettable Team

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Our mission is to keep pets together with their pet parents.


Pettable was founded to address a gap in the market for high quality, legitimate and trustworthy ESA letter service providers. We saw an incredible opportunity to create meaningful value to keep pets with their pet parents and are able to deliver on this level of trust.


Each and every clinician that works with Pettable has passed a rigorous vetting process. Not only do we screen for qualifications and hard skills, we screen thoroughly for soft skills, only working with clinicians who have a high level of empathy and care.

Money Back Guarantee

We are the only ESA service that offers a 100% risk free money back guarantee. If your ESA Housing Letter is not honored by your landlord, we will refund 100% of your payment.

World-Class Service

Our customer service team sets us apart, operating 7 days a week 9AM-5PM ET to help answer any questions by email, phone or live chat.
Have a question or comment, no matter how big or small? Get in touch via our contact page form, email or phone 7 days a week 9AM-5PM ET.
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Meet Our Team

Breanden Beneschott

Cofounder & Director

An image of Breanden Beneschott

With endlessly supportive parents, Breanden grew up in the mountains of Northern Nevada surrounded by pets ranging from snakes to macaws to horses. Some of his fondest childhood memories were from building barns and shoveling manure for long hours on Sundays with his dad. It was during this time that he developed a deep appreciation for animal well-being and hard work.

Breanden went on to receive a degree in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University where he rediscovered his love for horses through the sport of polo. In the years since, he and his family have worked to make horses a significant part of their lives.

Breanden is now the cofounder and CEO of Mechanism, a San Francisco based venture firm. Previously, he was the cofounder and COO of a staffing company that bootstrapped its way to 9-figure revenues and required extensive global travel.

It was during this time that Breanden saw how deeply universal and important the animal-human bond is for people across the world. From gauchos in Argentina to family farms in Europe to olympic horse jumpers in New Zealand, animals simply make people better humans.

An image of Denis Grosz

Denis Grosz

Cofounder & Chairman

Denis grew up in Southern California with a dog, Willie, a cat, Eepskin (don’t ask!), and two parakeets, Sky and Andy. He went on to study Philosophy at UC Berkeley. He then founded a string of successful companies all with the aim of using technology to alleviate consumer needs.

He now lives with his English Labrador, Murphy, in Puerto Rico and deeply understands how the profound benefit of having a pet in our modern world.

When he is not working, you can find him hiking in the Sierra Nevadas with Murphy. He also loves skiing, woodworking, throwing pottery on the wheel, and welding.

An image of Amber Gill

Amber Gill

Director of Operations and New Ventures

Amber grew up in small town Montana in a household that was always full of animals. Her parents’ love for all living things spurred her passion for animals, which has only grown since. She still lives in Montana with her dog Mowgli, two cats Pixi and Squid, her rabbit Clover, and her fish.

Amber studied Biology at Montana State University and has focused the last few years of her career working in STEM. She is excited with her transition back into a field that focuses on her passion: animals.Amber has a deep personal relationship with the emotional benefits animals provide. She strongly believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience these benefits, and understands how difficult connecting with mental health providers can be. Especially in small communities like the one she grew up in.

Amber is thrilled to be a part of the Pettable Team and contribute to our mission: providing people with the resources they need to keep their cherished animals close and their mental health a priority.

Jack Trent

Head of Growth

Jack is a passionate marketer and mental health advocate from the United Kingdom. Growing up with cats in his family home, Jack developed a deep love for feline companions and today he is the proud owner of a cat named Tyler, who is a constant source of comfort and joy in his life.

As a dedicated professional in growth, he believes that at Pettable he can make a positive impact, raise awareness for important mental health causes and help people keep their furry friends close.

Samuel Foisy

Head of Technology

Samuel grew up in Quebec, in a family convinced that a pet is essential for a happy home. He had a cat for 15 years, a hamster... even a hare! Now a full-time cat dad, he still lives in Quebec with his two pets Leo and Charlie.

Getting interested in technologies at a young age, he went on to receive a degree in Computer Science. From his previous experience as Chief Architect, he discovered a passion for humans, how they think and how to make their life better using technology.

Samuel is now eager to find new ways to contribute to mental health, mixing everything he loves from tech, humans and animals.

Erin Beveridge

Operations Manager

Erin grew up in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has always had a love for animals! Growing up she had two dogs, and her first job was at a horse barn feeding the horses and walking them out to their pastures every morning.

She moved to Montana to study Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems, where she quickly realized that she loved working with people and helping the community. Erin made Montana her home with her husband and two dogs, Kurtis and Olive. Their favorite activities are skiing, camping, and taking their dogs on adventures! With the growing popularity of Bozeman, Montana, Erin has realized firsthand how difficult it can be finding housing that accepts pets. Her dogs are truly her family, so she could never imagine the struggle of being separated from them which is why she loves advocating for pet parents to stay united with their furry loved ones by working for Pettable.

Grant Fiddes

SEO Associate

Grant is from Ontario, where he frequently visits his family and beloved Golden Lab, Bailey. He studied business at York University before jet-setting to Ireland to experience life and work abroad.

Grant is passionate about making a positive impact on people and the planet, and these core values are the driving force behind his life choices. He is committed to Pettable’s mission to provide people with the resources they need to better their lives and mental health.

As an avid traveler, Grant spends his free time visiting new places across Europe and immersing himself into their cultures.

Jenn Choi

Executive Assistant

Jenn grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and loved animals at an early age. However, she didn’t get her first real pet until recently. She went to the University of Georgia and studied business management but has always had a passion for helping people which is what led her to Pettable as an Executive Assistant.

In her spare time, she enjoys anything outdoors or on the water, reading, going on adventures with her puppy and traveling and exploring other cultures.

Christian Saavedra

Software Engineer

Christian grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, owning 4 lovely cats; Plum, Kiwi, Ren, and Axle (That's Axle in the photo!). He loves spending time with his cats and cherishing their individual quirks. His cats provide comfort and support with their presence, making Christian’s home a warm and nurturing environment. Christian believes cats are truly lovely, and cannot be without them.

Outside his love for cats, Christian graduated from the University of Toronto with a major in Computer Science and a double minor in Mathematics and Statistics.

Christian is driven by a passion for creating. Whether it's composing music, cooking a new dish, or developing software, he finds immense satisfaction in experiencing the results of their endeavors.

Justine Pochynok

Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Meet Justine, a Growth professional with a diverse background in fintech, education, media, and law. Based in Canada, she finds her daily inspiration in both art and nature. Justine has also completed her degrees in Constitutional Law and Digital Marketing, rounding out her skills. When she's not tied up with work, you'll often find her cuddled up with her family cat, Milo, or out exploring with dogs, Mini and Cooper.

At Pettable, Justine's mission is deeply personal. She's blending her love for animals with her professional expertise to make a genuine impact.

Malak Lopez

Paid Media Manager

Malak is a passionate Growth Marketer with a deep love for data, doggos, and tennis. Prior to joining Pettable, Malak held senior manager positions at a mix of growth agencies and D2C companies such as Bamboo, Convoso, and Vertagear.

Malak holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Southern California. He recently moved from Los Angeles to Tulsa, OK, to be a part of the tulsaremote.com program and take frequent mid-west road trips with his dog Snowy during the weekends!


Krystal Garmon

Pettable Clinician, PMP, MBA, MA, LMHC, LPC
Krystal Garmon, Pettable Clinician, PMP, MBA, MA, LMHC, LPC shares her experience working with Pettable. In her own words: Pettable is unlike other providers in that they offer a platform for making meaningful and lasting connections with treating providers. Pettable humanizes the mental health process and removes stigmatization to allow for a full continuum of care.
An image of Krystal and Sage
Krystal and Sage hanging out in the garden
Pettable has been a wonderful mechanism for me to work with clients and promote human-animal bonding as a necessary treatment option for those suffering and find a holistic way to ease the burden of mental health symptoms.

Meet Our Top Licensed Clinicians

Jennifer Bronsnick


Jennifer Bronsnick is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Anxiety Treatment Specialist, & Heartmath Certified Trainer. She provides customized workshops and trainings to working professionals and teams to help build resilience and reduce stress with practical strategies.

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Emilie Kay


I graduated with a Master of Social Work (MSW) from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee before obtaining my Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in 2021. I have eight years of experience in the mental health field working in and with various populations, including case management, intake coordination, and residential, inpatient, and outpatient programs. I am certified in Brainspotting to help individuals deeply process negative emotions and trauma/significant life events. Additionally, I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and safety planning in sessions/groups.

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Marvy Beckman


As a clinical social worker, I have been able to work within multiple types of settings, such as hospitals, community centers, and family welfare. I enjoy having the clinical and administrative experience to holistically serve those I work with.

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What our pet parents are saying

Verified customers. Real reviews.
An image of Hector B
I would definitely rate you with 5 stars!! Everything was very straightforward and very quick! Support from a therapist was also really fast and helpful. I am definitely recommending Pettable to all my friends with furry friends!”
“Everything was very straightforward and very quick!
Hector B. Dog parent
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January 25, 2024
An image of 5 green stars
An image of Courtney S
I was very stressed to find out my apartment did not accept pets and turned to pettable at a very vulnerable moment. They completely took care of me and understood the urgency of my situation. The therapist I spoke to was kind and gave me the recommendation within a timely manner. I would recommend pettable to anyone needing an ESA letter! So glad I get to keep my ESA fur baby!”
“They completely took care of me and understood the urgency of my situation.
Courtney S. Cat parent
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January 27, 2024
An image of 5 green stars
An image of Tanaisha C
I would rate Pettable a 5 because the process was quick and easy, my therapist was helpful for explaining the process and understanding my needs for the letter, and customer service was intentional with checking in.”
“My therapist was helpful for explaining the process and understanding my needs for the letter
Tanaisha C. Cat parent
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January 26, 2024
An image of 5 green stars

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