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Emotional Support Animal vs. Psychiatric Service Animal?

Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

An emotional support animal (ESA) helps individuals who are suffering from mental/emotional disabilities. ESAs provide a comforting presence for their owners, which can ease symptoms and help with day-to-day tasks and work.  ESAs have housing rights under state and federal laws.
  • Bring your pet in all housing/rental units.
  • No species, breed or weight restrictions.
  • Public space and flight restrictions may apply.
  • No training requirements.
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Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD)

Psychiatric service dogs (PSD) are trained to react to their handler’s physical and emotional state, performing specific tasks to intervene in behavior and to ease symptoms of a person’s mental/psychiatric disability. PSDs have housing, public access and travel rights under state and federal laws.
  • Your dog can be in any public space, housing, hotels and stores.
  • Restricted to dogs only.
  • Your furry friend is free to fly (subject to training, rules and paperwork).
  • Requires training.
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What our service dog parents are saying

Verified customers. Real reviews.
I had a lot of questions and I really appreciated the promptness, guidance they provided and professionalism of the responses. The training videos were helpful and easy to follow."
“Helpful and easy to follow.
Stacy C. Colorado, USA
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I was in a really bad horseback riding accident with head injuries and still working through sensory overload, which happens at airports, social environments, and travel. Being able to have my dog as a trained and certified psychiatric service dog will speed up my recovery.”
Lauren W. Arizona, USA
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“Trustworthy and knowledgeable.
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