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Renewing your letter is easy through our seamless consultation process.
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How to Renew an ESA Letter?

Quick assessment

Answer a few questions to help us understand your current situation.

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3-minute assessment

Answer a few questions about your ESA needs

See a therapist

If you're in the same state, you can choose to consult with your previous therapist.

Get your letter

Receive your renewed ESA letter within 24-48 hours of re-approval.

*We'll help with any extra forms if required and our therapists are available to talk to your landlord anytime, for an additional fee.

**For residents of Arkansas, California, and Montana, new laws require establishing a client-provider relationship for at least 30 days before obtaining an ESA letter for dogs. This means two consultations are needed before qualifying. If you can connect with the same provider as last time, the 30-day wait is not required. However, there are instances when we may not be able to reconnect you with the same provider.

Money Back Guarantee
If your ESA Letter is not approved, we will refund 100% of your payment.

Renew Your ESA Letter to Enjoy Ongoing Benefits

Continuous Legitimacy & Housing Acceptance

Landlords may reject an expired ESA letter. Renewing your ESA letter prevents potential refusal by landlords, ensuring that your current documentation reflects the ongoing necessity of your emotional support animal.

Clinician Validation

An expired ESA letter may not be validated by clinicians when landlords or property managers seek verification. Renewing annually maintains up-to-date professional recommendations.

Professional Guidance and Support

An annual consultation with a clinician not only keeps your letter valid but also allows for discussions about your evolving needs, ensuring ongoing support and appropriate documentation.

Stress Prevention

Avoid potential housing disruptions and reduce anxiety for you and your companion.

What's in Your ESA Letter

Protected Under FHA

Enjoy the comprehensive protection of the Fair Housing Act, your rights as an ESA owner.

Personalized ESA Forms

Access to personalized ESA forms tailored for landlords and management companies.

Peace of mind is guaranteed with our Money Back Guarantee; if you're not satisfied, we'll refund your money.

Renew Your Letter

Fast ESA Letter Approval

Get approval within 24-48 hours from a licensed clinician, complete with their license and signature.

Bonus Gift

Enjoy a complimentary Online Dog Training Program

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Can I renew my ESA letter if I have a new pet?
What is the difference between ESA and Service Animal?
Can you confirm this is legal?
I purchased my ESA letter somewhere else, can I renew it with Pettable?
I moved to a different state, can I still connect with the same therapist?
Do ESA letters expire?
When should I renew my ESA letter?

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