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In person training can be expensive! Pettable Academy offers cost-effective training programs all created by a certified trainer.

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Full refund if you are not satisfied with your solution

Option for Tutor Support

Send us 1 video of your dog for our certified dog trainer to review and create a personalized training analyses to assist you in your training efforts.

Train on your schedule

With Pettable Academy you can access your training program 24/7.

What our dog parents are saying

Verified customers. Real reviews.
I had a lot of questions and I really appreciated the promptness, guidance they provided and professionalism of the responses. The training videos were helpful and easy to follow."
“Helpful and easy to follow.
Stacy C. Colorado, USA
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Her expertise and training methods have made all the difference in Beni’s development. Thanks to Lisa, we were able to prevent any problem behaviors from taking root and create good habits from the very beginning!”
Shannon Colorado, USA
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“Lisa has been an absolute game-changer!

Frequently Asked Questions

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