Pettable Veteran Honorary Discount

Pets & Vets Make A Great Team

We believe in helping and honoring our veterans by making it easier and less expensive to keep pets that have a huge impact on their mental health.

As a result, Pettable offers a 20% discount to all veterans that use Pettable's service. In order to qualify for the discount please submit your military identification post purchase and we'll refund you 20% of your overall purchase.

Why Veterans?

Vets Are At Higher Risk For Mental Health Challenges - 37% of Iraq & Afghanistan veterans were diagnosed with some type of mental health illness (almost double population avg.).

Military Personel Move Around More On Average - Military families relocate 10X more often than regular families.

Vets Benefit Significantly From Pets - Most of the evidence is anecdotal but our clinicians consistently talk about the impact pets have on helping vets with PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

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