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Survey: Celebrating the Holidays with Our Pets in 2022

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Our pets are an important part of the holidays, so we asked Americans how they plan to involve them in their holiday plans. Check out the survey findings!
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Susana Bradford
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September 7, 2022
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September 7, 2022

The holidays are finally here—Thanksgiving, Christmas, and, soon after, the new year! This is a special time as everyone gathers to celebrate and create new memories with their loved ones—including our pets. At Pettable, we consider our pets to be important members of our family, and we have our own ways of including them in our traditions.

With that in mind, we wanted to discover what pet owners in America do with their pets during the holiday season. We surveyed 1,000 Americans and asked them how they plan to include their pets in their holiday travel plans and if they consider their pets when gift shopping. Let’s check out how Americans are involving their pets in the holiday season.

Christmas Presents for Pets

Pets are just as much family as anyone else, and they deserve to participate in all the holiday fun! We asked owners whether they plan on buying Christmas presents for their non-human friends, and it turns out that 64% plan to include a little gift under their tree for their beloved pet.

More than half (52%) plan to get toys for their pets, 34% will buy treats, 10% are giving bones, 9% are giving their pets new clothes and accessories, and 7% will get a new bed for their pet to sleep in. Other gifts account for 4% of those that owners will be giving their furry friends, including services like taking them to the groomers, new food and water bowls, a dog house, and regular pet food (not including treats). 

Traveling with Pets Over the Holidays

Fifty-five percent of those we surveyed plan to travel over the holidays, and the other 45% are staying home. Out of those who are traveling, only 1% do not own a pet. 

Out of those that will be traveling, 63% will be doing so alongside their pet. The most common mode of transportation for pets and their owners is by car, with 81% of pet owners road-tripping to their holiday destinations. The other 19% of pet owners will be traveling by plane and bringing their pet in a kennel or as cargo.

The remaining 37% of respondents will be leaving their pet at home—but not all alone!  Nineteen percent of pets will have someone check on them regularly, 14% will be staying with a trusted friend or family member, and 4% will spend the holidays at a boarding service. 

Are Pets Keeping Their Owners from Traveling Over the Holidays? 

Forty-five percent of respondents said they won’t be traveling this holiday season—is it for fear of leaving their pets?

Only 1% of people aren’t traveling because they want to stay home with their pets. This statistic, along with the number of people who still choose to travel despite owning a pet, shows us that pets aren’t really affecting their owners’ decision to travel over the holidays.

Pets are a big part of holiday plans, even when we can’t be with them to celebrate. In any case, they are beloved members of our families, and we appreciate any attempt to involve them in your holiday festivities!

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Susana Bradford

Susana is an avid animal lover and has been around animals her entire life, and has volunteered at several different animal shelters in Southern California. She has a loving family at home that consists of her husband, son, two dogs, and one cat. She enjoys trying new Italian recipes, playing piano, making pottery, and outdoor hiking with her family and dogs in her spare time.