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Pettable - Frequently Asked Questions!

Find answers to the most common questions around emotional support animal letters, the Pettable process, and who qualifies for a letter.
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Alisha Eskay - Customer Service
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March 15, 2023

What is an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)?

An emotional support animal helps to alleviate symptoms of mental or emotional disabilities by providing emotional support and companionship.

What makes Pettable ESA Letters legitimate?

Vetted, licensed therapists near you

Our network of mental health professionals are licensed to practice in your state and are current on state-mandated standards where they operate. The therapist we connect you with will be located in the state where you live and be fully qualified to prescribe you an ESA Letter should you meet the criteria.

Live consultation over the phone 

The licensed mental health professional we connect you with will reach out to you for a phone consultation and establish a therapeutic relationship. This grants the mental health professional the legal and medical authority to prescribe you an ESA Letter through us. Fully compliant ESA Letters – If you are prescribed an ESA Letter, it will be issued directly from the licensed mental health professional you speak with and contain their license number and direct contact information. The letter will come on their official letterhead and contain all other required elements within the letter's body.

Why should I use Pettable to obtain my ESA Letter? 

Certified & compliant ESA Letters

We've done the heavy lifting of making sure our operations are legally compliant with federal and state laws where we operate. 

Ongoing support

While most landlords are familiar with the terms of the Fair Housing Act and what that means for individuals who have certified ESA Letters, we're here to answer any questions and support you, whatever the need. Any questions or concerns, simply reach out – we have you covered.

Your health matters to us

We're a team of pet lovers and licensed mental health professionals. Caring about your health and your pet's well-being is our number one focus and priority.  

How do I know if I qualify for an emotional support animal?

 The general criteria are to have some emotional or psychological condition that is improved by having an animal that provides support. Conditions may include depression, generalized anxiety, paranoia, insomnia, and others. Only a licensed mental health professional is qualified to determine if you meet the criteria. Through our service, you  speak directly with a qualified mental health professional in the state where you reside as part of our consultation process.

What would count as an emotional support animal?

An emotional support animal provides comfort to help relieve a symptom or effect related to a person's disability. Note that being an emotional support animal is not the same as being a service animal (like seeing-eye dogs). It's best to check with your local state government agencies to understand the specifics about what is and isn't allowed in your state regarding having an emotional support animal and qualifying ESA Letter. 

My landlord says I can’t keep my pet despite having a legitimate ESA letter. What should I do? 

Once you have a proper ESA Letter, your landlord is required by the Fair Housing Act to allow you to keep your designated emotional support animal with you at your place of residence. Suppose they have additional questions about a letter you received through our service – in that case, you can refer them to speak to someone from our team or the licensed mental health professional whose contact info is listed on your individual letter.

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