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Are Dogs Allowed in ACE Hardware?

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If you need hardware items, you may consider taking your dog with you to Ace Hardware. Learn about Ace Hardware's animal policy and how an ESA letter can make a difference.
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Susana Bradford
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February 17, 2023

Curious whether dogs are allowed in Ace Hardware? If you're shopping with your pet, unfortunately, this does not apply to emotional support dogs, which means that stores, rental agencies, airlines, and other facilities or establishments can turn dogs away, even if they're helping you through a mental health condition.

We hope that one day, emotional support animal guidelines will be included within the ADA. But for now, you could benefit from an ESA letter.

Why Bring a Dog to Ace Hardware?

Despite the ADA's limitations, you'll likely want your service animal with you when you're shopping. Anxiety and other conditions can worsen in busy environments like stores. But research shows us that your self-esteem and motivation can be improved through the use of an emotional support animal, and you could even experience lesser symptoms.

Of course, there's another reason to test your local Ace Hardware's dog policy. It's one of the cheaper places to pick up dog food in bulk.

If you've never taken your dog to Ace Hardware before, bear in mind that the sights and smells could be excitable to him or her. In unfamiliar environments, dogs can be more likely to act out of character, and even with an ESA letter, a boisterous dog can be asked to leave an establishment.

Why You Need to Get an ESA Letter

An ESA letter proves that you need your dog's assistance for your psychological management. Since the ADA doesn't cover this category of service animals, you'll have some backup in case a store owner is less friendly toward dogs.

Remember, Ace Hardware is a network of independently owned stores, so you're at the mercy of individual managers who may set their own policies.

Pettable has extensive experience in connecting people with therapists who can help them get an ESA letter. Our services can help you work out whether you qualify for emotional support animal assistance.

How do you get an ESA letter? Simply complete our three-minute assessment about your ESA needs before consulting with a therapist that we'll find for you within your state. After being approved, you'll have your document within 24 hours.

The last thing you want is additional stress when you're thinking about taking your dog shopping with you. So, why not get your ESA letter today?

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