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3 Best Dog Training Options in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Kristi Carignan
January 12, 2024
August 22, 2023
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August 22, 2023
June 16, 2023
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Discover the perfect fit for your dog training needs in Albuquerque. Expert guidance, positive methods, and tailored solutions for your furry companion.

Boasting 5314 feet above sea level, Albuquerque enjoys the title of being one of the highest metropolitan cities in the United States. It’s also known for its famed international balloon festival, rich history, and wide selection of outdoor activities. If you have a pup, it’s also a pretty dog-friendly city thanks to its off-leash parks and numerous hiking trails. But what about dog training in the city? 

Dog training is important for humans and their pooches for many reasons. At a glance, training your canine companion has several important benefits, such as:

  • It keeps your pup safe and strengthens your bond 
  • It enhances good manners and positively impacts their relationships with other people and dogs 
  • It prevents boredom which can result in destructive or even dangerous behaviors 
  • It enables your pooch to be more responsive to your verbal cues so that you can enjoy more time with them out in the world 
  • It allows your pup to focus and ignore distractions 
  • It boosts your pup's confidence and overall well being

Now you know the myriad benefits of dog training, it’s essential to consider the various training options available and choose the best option for you and your pup. 

Why Online Dog Training?

Online dog training is a flexible and effective alternative to in-person sessions. Enjoy the convenience of learning from the comfort of your home, accessing a wide array of expert resources and tutorials. With personalized schedules and cost savings, online training offers comprehensive guidance, addressing behavioral issues and obedience training at your own pace. Explore this modern solution for convenient and impactful dog training.

Overview of The Best Dog Training in Albuquerque

Trainer Best For Online / In-Person
Pettable Academy Obedience Classes, Puppy Training, Psychiatric Service Dog Training Online
Pawsitive Training ABQ Best for private in-home dog training In-Person
Arie's Dogland Best for in-person training classes In-Person
Acoma Training Center Best for dog agility training In-Person

Online vs. In-Person Dog Training

The digital world has brought much choice and opportunity to modern consumers. It’s also transformed the dog training landscape, allowing for online training solutions for those wanting to train their pups from the comfort of home.

Online training and offline training both have huge benefits for dog owners. In-person training, while more expensive and time-consuming, is a worthwhile investment if your pup is dealing with severe behavioral issues (like aggression, anxiety, or incessant barking.) It is also a great idea if you are looking to connect with other dog owners and socialize your pup with other dogs. 

However, if you just want to handle the basics of training and obedience, and have enough access to other pups, or have a few of your own, online training options have ample benefits. They are:

  • Super cost-effective 
  • Requires zero travel time 
  • Allows for optimum flexibility 
  • Can be accessed at any time of day (or night) 
  • Allows owners to complete courses at their own pace (because life can get busy and sometimes a weekly commitment at a set time isn’t viable)

Best Dog Trainers in Albuquerque For Your Needs

If you live in the so-called Duke State (because it was named after a Duke), there are a few dog training options you might consider. Below we’ll discuss in-person training options and online ones through Pettable. 

Pettable Academy - Best Online All-Around Dog Training

Pettable Academy has various online solutions for busy pup parents. Whether you’re looking for the basics of puppy training or more advanced training options, we have self-paced training modules that you can easily access from the comfort of your home. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate and if after 7 days you are not satisfied, we offer all your money back.

We also have more advanced training videos for psychiatric service dogs (PSD). These pups support their owners through a myriad of mental health conditions and are trained to best support them through a range of disability-related tasks (such as deep pressure therapy or offering comfort and support in overwhelming social situations.) If you have a PSD or an emotional support animal (ESA), chat with us about how we can best facilitate their training and support your needs.

Pawsitive Training ABQ - Best for Private In-Home Dog Training

If you are searching for at-home dog training solutions with a qualified behaviorist, Pawsitive Training is a noteworthy option. They use clicker training to reinforce positive behaviors. Each time your pup shows positive behavior, the trainer clicks the clicker and gives them a reward. They offer training for puppies and adolescent dogs, depending on your needs. 

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Lisa Gallegos

Having Dog Training Difficulties?

We can help! Pettable and I teamed up to create an online dog training course to help pet parents like you train their dogs like a pro. Over a series of self-paced online video lessons i'll walk you through everything you need to know about training your furry friend.

Ariel's Dogland - Best for In-Person Training Classes

If you are wanting to enroll in in-person training lessons at a center, then Ariel’s Dogland may be more up your alley. Aerie uses rewards-based training methods, focusing on positive reinforcement to achieve desired behaviors. She also promotes holistic methods, including that of a healthy diet and stress reduction. This pup school offers training for all ages and a puppy play group for pups who love socializing. They have three groups, Tiny Town (for pups under 25 lbs), Puppyville (for medium-sized breeds), and Central Park (for bigger pups over 30 lbs).

Acoma Training Center - Best for Dog Agility Training

If you are looking for something a bit extra and want to include agility training into the mix, Acoma Training Center is a brilliant option. They run a wide range of agility classes (from beginner level to advanced) as well as specialized training for competition dogs. They also run some interesting classes, including freestyle dancing, snake-proofing, tricks, and scent work.

The Takeaway

Training your pooch is a hugely personal decision. While some people love the comfort and flexibility of online training classes from the comfort of home, others prefer the personalization that one-on-one home visits and group training classes offer. It’s thus essential to weigh up your budget, time, and unique pup needs before enrolling in a training course. Chat with the team at Pettable for more information on our various options, including ESA letters

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