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Goldendoodle Service Dog - Everything You Need to Know

Thinking of getting a Goldendoodle service dog? Check out this guide to this breed and learn about their potential as a service dog from Pettable.
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September 7, 2022
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September 7, 2022

Service dogs are animal companions that assist people with disabilities. Some breeds of dogs are better able to handle being service dogs. A Goldendoodle assistance dog can be a great working dog that can perform the job's tasks.

The Bottom Line

  • What are service dogs? - Service dogs undergo extensive training to perform tasks for handlers with disabilities.
  • Why Goldendoodles as service dogs? - A Goldendoodle is an adorable animal with high intelligence and a gentle disposition.
  • How to get a Goldendoodle service dog - You need a letter from a health professional to qualify for a service or therapy dog.
  • What's the difference between a service dog vs. ESA? - While service animals require specialized training to perform particular tasks, emotional support animals do not.

What Are Service Dogs?

A service animal is a specially trained dog that assists people with disabilities. Some breeds of dogs are therapy dogs or emotional support animals. Service animals help in different settings, such as at home, hospitals, doctor’s offices, buses, and airplanes. These animals may assist with emotional support for psychiatric diagnoses or tasks related to a physical or mental disability.

Why Goldendoodles Make Great Service Dogs

A Goldendoodle is a cross between two popular dog breeds, golden retrievers and poodles. Goldendoodles have the best of both breeds: a non-shedding coat and an affectionate personality. Here are the top reasons why they make excellent service animals.

Friendly and Easygoing

The first reason that Goldendoodles make excellent therapy dogs is their friendly and easygoing nature. Goldendoodles get their friendliness from their golden retriever genes. These dogs may always be ready to greet people with a wagging tail and a sweet disposition. Goldendoodles can be great with people, dogs, pets, and small children.

Goldendoodles are also very easygoing and non-reactive. A good service dog needs to be calm in most situations, including crowded public areas, enclosed spots, and noisy outdoor spaces. They need to avoid reacting to loud noises, strangers, and unfamiliar smells and focus on their job.


Another reason a Goldendoodle could be an excellent service dog is its coat. Poodles were originally bred with Labrador retrievers and golden retrievers to give people with dog allergies a way to have a service animal. The poodle’s curly coat made it the perfect candidate to cross with other breeds.

A Goldendoodle’s coat is also less likely to shed than other typical service animal breeds, such as German shepherds, Labrador retrievers, and golden retrievers. Goldendoodle owners have an easier time keeping dog hair off their furniture and clothes. Less dog hair can help make housekeeping much less of a hassle.

Easily Trained

This wonderful breed is also one of the easiest to train, which is essential when preparing an animal to do specific tasks. Goldendoodles are extremely intelligent and excellent listeners when learning commands. They can quickly associate the commands from dog trainers with a reward and a task. They respond well to prompts and can learn a variety of tasks.

Trainers can teach Goldendoodles to follow an owner without a leash. They aren’t known to try to escape their yard or wander off, so owners may be able to trust their pup a little more than some other dog breeds.

Capable of Working Long Hours

This breed of dog can also work longer hours in many different climates. They have the stamina to work in stressful situations. They have lots of energy in their reserves, so they won’t get too tired from being an emotional support animal all day.

Goldendoodles can also be comfortable in different types of weather environments. They can be happy in warmer climates because they don’t get easily overheated. Their coat can also protect them in colder weather situations, so they are comfortable. Goldendoodles won’t need a dog sweater or jacket because of their thick, curly coat.


Goldendoodle emotional support dogs are also sweet and enthusiastic with their families. They enjoy playing with toys, playing fetch, and spending time with their owners and handlers.

They show unconditional love for the people in their family and are cute. They provide comfort for their owners when they’re struggling, like a big teddy bear.

Intuitive Towards Handlers

Finally, Goldendoodles are extraordinarily loyal and attached to their handlers. A Goldendoodle makes an excellent and trustworthy companion for someone who has specific emotional and physical well-being needs.

These dogs have a natural intuition to help out their human companions due to their eagerness to please and natural retrieving abilities. They can easily pick up trained tasks to help protect someone with emotional or physical disabilities.

Goldendoodle Service Dog

What Tasks Can a Goldendoodle Perform?

A Goldendoodle puppy needs to learn to perform tasks to help individuals with their daily routine. Here are some tasks that the Goldendoodle breed excels at.

Finding Items

Goldendoodles have an innate instinct to fetch and retrieve items for their handlers. In a guide dog, this translates to finding medications or other essential items that help support the owner’s physical and mental health.

Guiding the Owner

Goldendoodle service dogs can help their owners by guiding them. Their service-dog training may help them learn how to guide their handler home safely, through crowded places, or to a safe spot away from hazards.

Alerting the Handler

Goldendoodle dogs may also provide services like medical alert dogs, such as diabetic alert dogs, when their owner’s blood sugar is low. Alert dogs may also notify the handler right before a seizure or a panic attack.

Providing Emotional Support

This breed of service dog also makes excellent emotional support animals. Goldendoodles can be a soothing companion to someone suffering from an anxiety attack or dealing with a stressful situation.

Performing Therapeutic Tasks

Goldendoodle support dogs are also a top choice for training as therapy dogs because their quiet and calm demeanor is the perfect personality for a hospital setting. Therapy dogs are often in a hospital or nursing home, providing entertainment and support to patients and nursing home residents.

How To Get a Goldendoodle Service Dog

If you’re thinking of adding a Goldendoodle to your family and want them trained as a great service dog, you can make that happen with Pettable.

Assess Your Needs With Our Tool

To start the process, complete our assessment to determine what assistance you need. Then, we can help identify the type of emotional support animal documentation required, such as housing, travel, or a combination.

Match With a Therapist

Next, you’ll fill out privacy and consent forms to work with a mental health professional. We will match you with a qualified therapist who can book a consultation visit. You will complete a mental health evaluation to see if you qualify for an ESA during your consultation.

Receive an ESA Letter

After your visit, your therapist will determine if you qualify for an ESA for your mental health diagnosis. For patients who qualify, therapists will draft a legally-recognized emotional support animal letter. Patients can opt to get their letters sent to them within 24 hours after the consultation, excluding residents of California. If there is a problem with your ESA letter and it’s not accepted, you will get a 100% refund for our services.

Goldendoodle Service Dog

Can I Train My Goldendoodle To be a Service Dog?

If you have Goldendoodle puppies, you have two options for training them to be good service dogs. The first option is enrolling them in a specialized service dog training program.

Another option for dog owners is to do a training program independently. There are no rules prohibiting a dog owner from training their pet to be an assistance animal. Family members can also help train their good service dogs to perform specific tasks and provide assistance.

Where Can I Adopt a Goldendoodle Service Dog?

Adopting service dogs is different from getting a new pet for the family. First, the service animal owners need to determine what tasks they want their pet to assist with. Then, they can reach out to various organizations that help with specific disabilities and service dogs specially trained for various tasks. There may also be Goldendoodle breeders or breed clubs that focus on training puppies for service.

What Disabilities Qualify for a Goldendoodle Service Dog?

Goldendoodle support dogs assist people with a variety of disabilities. People who have a visual or hearing impairment or a mobility issue may benefit from a guide dog. Alert dogs may be helpful to people with a seizure disorder, diabetes, or a life-threatening allergic reaction. A therapy dog may assist people with post-traumatic stress disorder or another mental illness.

What’s the Difference Between Psychiatric Service Dogs vs. Emotional Support Dogs?

A trained psychiatric service dog provides support to owners with symptoms of a mental illness. This service animal is generally allowed to accompany an owner on planes, hotels, and public places. People with disabilities get this protection from the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Emotional support dogs are slightly different from psychiatric service dogs because federal law does not protect the presence of an emotional support animal. Many airlines and other public places have changed their policies and have started prohibiting emotional support pets.

Goldendoodle Service Dog

Frequently Asked Questions About Goldendoodle Service Dogs

Here are some of the most common questions dog owners wonder about Goldendoodles as service animals.

How Much Does a Goldendoodle Service Dog Cost?

If you want a purebred Goldendoodle, you can try to adopt one from a rescue organization for minimal cost. You can also pay a premium for a Goldendoodle puppy from a breeder, between $2,000 and $3,000. Then, you’ll need to hire a service dog trainer to prepare your pet to work as an assistance animal.

How To Catch a Fake Goldendoodle Service Dog?

A genuine service dog will demonstrate focused and calm behavior. Fake Goldendoodle service dogs may appear nervous around strangers or unsettled. They may also exhibit destructive or annoying behavior, such as chewing or barking.

Can You Get a Goldendoodle Service Dog for Anxiety?

People diagnosed with an anxiety disorder by a mental health professional can qualify for a psychiatric service dog. They can choose to have their Goldendoodle puppy trained as a service dog to enjoy their pet’s affection and low-shedding coat.

Can Any Dog Be a Service Dog?

Not all dog breeds or individuals are born to be service dogs. Service dogs have to be intelligent, easygoing, and capable of dealing with noisy or busy situations. The Goldendoodle has natural talents and personality traits that could make it a helpful service dog.

Do Goldendoodle Service Dogs Have To Be on a Leash?

In most situations, service dogs need to have a leash and be under the control of their owner. Goldendoodles can learn how to complete tasks and provide assistance while leashed during their service-dog training.

Does Insurance Cover Goldendoodle Service Dogs?

Most health insurance plans don’t cover the cost of a service dog. It may be possible to set aside funds in an FSA or an HSA to help pay for a service animal.

How To Get a Psychiatric Service Dog?

To get a psychiatric service dog, you can connect with Pettable. Take our online assessment to determine your needs, and we can link you with a therapist who may be able to create an ESA letter for a service dog.

How Long Does it Take To Train Goldendoodle Service Dogs?

A service dog trainer may have to work with a Goldendoodle for a year or two before they are ready to work as an assistance animal. Each dog’s temperament and personality may make this timeline different depending on the situation.

Are Goldendoodle Service Dogs Allowed Everywhere?

The ADA permits service dogs to go to any public place. Service dogs that accompany a person with a disability must be on a leash and under control.

How To Get a Goldendoodle Service Dog for PTSD?

To get a Goldendoodle assistance dog for PTSD, you need to reach out to a mental health professional for guidance. At Pettable, we may also provide a consultation with a provider who specializes in preparing ESA letters for patients.

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