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Is Ross Pet Friendly?

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February 20, 2024
April 24, 2023
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Unsure whether your dog is allowed into Ross? Learn more about the specific rules for bringing your dog out in public with Pettable.

If you have some discount shopping on the cards and are considering bringing your pup along for the adventure, Ross - Dress for Less might be a great place to start. If you’re wondering ‘Is Ross Pet Friendly?’ It’s time to read on.

Is Ross Pet Friendly? 

Ross is one of the biggest apparel and home chains in the US, making it a popular shopping spot for many. If you’re a dog owner, you’ll be delighted to know that most Ross stores allow dogs. A day out at Ross might be a great place to explore with your best friend. 

Let’s explore their specific policy on service dogs, psychiatric service dogs, and emotional support animals in more detail. 

What is the Ross Dog Policy?

While all Ross stores are service dog friendly, as per US legislation, most Ross stores are also pet dog friendly. However, it is ultimately up to the discretion of the manager, and it is best to call the specific outlet ahead if you’re unsure.

As a general policy, and according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), all service dogs and psychiatric service dogs are allowed in public spaces with their handlers. Service dogs are defined as those who serve a person with a disability and perform a specific task related to helping them with that disability. For example, a psychiatric service dog might nudge their owner before they have a traumatic flashback or remind them to take their medication.

Overall, most Ross stores are dog friendly, provided that dogs are leashed, well-behaved, and potty trained.  

Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Ross

While most Ross stores are dog-friendly (whether you have a service dog, psychiatric service dog, emotional support dog, or a pet), there are some rules to follow to ensure a happy and stress-free trip for you and your pup. 

Keep Your Dog Leashed

Dogs must be leashed at all times and cannot run around the store freely. 

Note: If the dog is a service dog and the leash or harness somehow hinders their ability to perform their disability-related task, they do not have to wear a leash or harness.

Make Sure Your Dog is Well-Behaved

While most stores are dog-friendly, dogs must always be well-behaved. If dogs are aggressive, causing havoc, or making a mess in the store, they will likely be asked to leave. Make sure your dog is human and canine-friendly before bringing them into a public space. If they aren’t, this could cause them and others unnecessary anxiety. 

Keep Your Dog Away from Strangers 

While many of us are huge dog lovers, not everyone feels comfortable around dogs. To make the shopping experience enjoyable, keep your pup by your side at all times, and don’t allow them to go up to unsuspecting strangers without their consent. 

Are Service Dogs Allowed in Ross?

Yes, as per the ADA, service dogs are allowed in any store. Even if a particular Ross store doesn’t allow pet dogs, it is legally obliged to permit service dogs.

Are Emotional Support Animals Allowed in Ross? 

This depends on the store. While most Ross stores are dog-friendly, customers must check with the manager. Ross currently has no written policy on ESAs specifically. However, a dog-friendly Ross would allow emotional support dogs as they allow pet dogs. 

ESAs are vital to many people, offering them aid and comfort through various emotions and mental health struggles. Those with emotional support animals can get a special ESA letter from a registered mental health professional through Pettable. In certain instances, this will enable individuals to bring their ESA to spaces that are not conventionally animal-friendly or bring their ESA into their rented accommodation. 

Can Ross Ask for Proof of a Service Dog?

No. Companies cannot legally ask owners for certification. They can, however, ask two questions; if the dog is supporting a person with a disability and if the dog is trained in a specific task to aid the person with the disability. 

List of Dog-Friendly Stores

There are many dog-friendly stores in the US; some popular ones include:

  • Apple Store (Most stores)
  • Barnes & Noble (Some stores)
  • Bass Pro 
  • Bed Bath & Beyond (Most stores)
  • Lush Cosmetics 
  • Macy's (Some stores)
  • Nordstrom 
  • Petco 
  • PetSmart
  • Ross
  • The Gap (Most locations)
  • TJ Maxx
  • Victoria's Secret

Online Psychiatric Service Dog Training with Pettable

The ADA recognizes psychiatric service dogs since they are trained to perform tasks related to their owner’s mental disability. They can help owners through various conditions, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and OCD.  PSD letters can be acquired through mental health practitioners. 

If you want to explore PSD training, browse our online service dog training qualification with a qualified trainer. After 15 online, self-paced lessons you will receive your PSD certification.

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