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Pettable vs Support Pets: How Do We Compare?

April Brightman
April 12, 2024
March 1, 2024
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March 1, 2024
August 18, 2021
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We know we are the best online ESA letter provider out there. Find out how we stack up against Support Pets.

There are several benefits to getting an emotional support animal letter, which functions as proof of your need for an ESA — but what’s the best service to receive an emotional support animal letter?

Online emotional support animal letter providers like Pettable and Support Pets are a simple and convenient way to get an ESA letter. There are several options out there for ESA letter services who can work with you virtually and help you meet the requirements to issue a legitimate emotional support animal letter.

Pettable and Support Pets are two different companies that provide individuals with emotional support animal letters, each using its own process.

Pettable works with world-class therapists to ensure the quality of care as well as compliance with all federal and state ESA laws. Support Pets works with a fast turnaround time and board-certified medical doctors.

At a Glance:

  • Pettable The most trustworthy ESA letter website.
  • Support Pets ESA letters with no verbal consultation.

Pettable vs Support Pets Overview

Pettable Logo Support Pets Logo
Digital ESA Letter
Money-back guarantee
Real clinicians
Live consultations
Transparent team
Optional 24 hour turnaround
Additional documents for a fee
Options for psychiatric service dogs
Reviews Trust Pilot 4.7/5
Trust Pilot 4.5/5

Who is Support Pets?

Support Pets helps individuals with cognitive disabilities or mental health conditions certify their need for an emotional support animal. They use a fast and easy process that can get you your official ESA letter quickly. However, you won't attend a live consultation with a licensed mental health professional, which may be a downside for some people.

Support Pets logo.
Pros Cons
  • Entirely online process.
  • Easy to understand website.
  • Option for a yearly auto-renewal of your ESA letter.
  • Lacking transparency - the team and clinicians are not visible on the site.
  • No options for psychiatric service dogs.
  • No live consultation with a licensed mental health professional.

How Does Support Pets Process Work?

Support Pets process is designed to be simple and instant. They base their eligibility decision on your answers to their quiz, which are then reviewed by a doctor. Support Pets doctors don’t meet with individuals but base their approvals on information from your assessment only. Unlike other services like Pettable, you won't be attending a live consultation with a medical professional, instead, they will review your information separately and send you an ESA letter if you qualify.

Additionally, Support Pets does not offer any products or services for psychiatric service dogs, so if you are looking to bring your assistance animal on a plane or out in public, you will have to look for another service.

Take an Online Assessment

Support Pets will have you complete a short quiz determining whether you qualify instantly for an emotional support animal letter. Unlike other online ESA letter services that use this quiz to pre-qualify you before you meet with a licensed professional, the Support Pets online assessment is what will determine whether you will qualify for an ESA letter or not. A doctor will separately review your answers from this assessment.

Certified Doctor Independently Reviews Your Assessment

After you complete the Support Pets quiz, a certified doctor will review your answers and information. The doctor won’t meet with you one-on-one, but they will decide whether or not you qualify for an ESA letter.

Receive Your ESA Letter if you Qualify

If you meet the requirements for an emotional support animal letter and Support Pets’ certified doctor approves your assessment, you can order and receive your ESA letter.

Pettable: Who are We?

Pettable is an online service provider specializing in connecting individuals with licensed mental health professionals (LMHPs) to obtain ESA letters. The company stands out for its commitment to legitimacy, transparency, and comprehensive client support. Pettable ensures that all ESA letters are compliant with federal and state laws, conducting thorough live consultations over the phone or video to vet and qualify individuals for an ESA Letter. They offer a distinctive money-back guarantee, providing a full refund if the client does not qualify for an ESA letter after consultation or if their landlord does not accept the letter after filing a complaint with the HUD. This approach underscores Pettable's dedication to customer satisfaction and the legitimacy of its services, aiming to provide peace of mind and emotional support through the companionship of animals.

Pros Cons
  • Clinicians licensed in all 50 states, D.C. & Puerto Rico
  • Easily reachable customer support team.
  • Trusted by 150k+ customers.
  • 24-hour ESA letter turnaround available.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • No auto-renewal available.
  • Higher base price.

Our ESA Letter Process Explained

Pettable’s fast and simple process for getting a legitimate emotional support animal letter is backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Our team of professionals is here to guide and support you through each of the following steps.

Take our Online Assessment

The first step to getting a legitimate emotional support animal letter with Pettable is taking our online assessment. It usually only takes about 3 minutes to complete and provides us with important information about your ESA eligibility.

Book a Consultation

After you’ve finished our assessment, you’ll book a consultation with one of our team members who will match you with a licensed mental health professional that will meet your needs.

Speak with a Licensed Mental Health Professional

After your initial consultation, you’ll meet with a licensed mental health professional. Pettable works with a wide network of professionals in all 50 states, so you’re sure to be matched with a provider who can meet your state’s requirements.

Receive an ESA Letter or Get Your Money Back

Once you’ve met your state’s requirements for meeting with a licensed mental health professional, you’ll be ready to receive your emotional support animal letter! Pettable’s ESA letters are guaranteed to meet your needs for housing, transportation, or reasonable accommodations for employment. Legitimate ESA letters have to include:

  • A statement that you have a qualifying mental health condition or disability
  • A statement that an emotional support animal is part of your care plan
  • Official letterhead from the practice of the provider
  • The provider’s license number
An image of the 100% Risk Free badge
Money Back Guarantee
If your ESA Letter is not approved, we will refund 100% of your payment.

Why Choose Pettable?

Pettable prides itself on providing quality emotional support animal letter services to all individuals in need. Our process is designed to be easy, effective, and meet all federal and state guidelines no matter which state you reside in. Pettable makes sure to follow up every online assessment with a consultation by a certified therapist. 

All U.S. states require a consultation to issue a legal, legitimate ESA letter, and some require therapists and clients to have a longer relationship — like California and Montana which require a 30-day relationship before a provider can issue an ESA letter.

When you choose to get your official ESA letter with Pettable, we’ll use the information gathered in your initial assessment to match you with a qualified mental health professional in your state, who will work with you to determine your specific needs and meet the requirements for therapist-client relationships.

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