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Pettable vs US Service Animals: How Do We Compare?

April Brightman
April 26, 2024
April 26, 2024
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April 26, 2024
August 18, 2021
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We know we are the best online ESA letter provider out there. Find out how we stack up against US Service Animals.

An emotional support animal letter is a legal document proving a person’s need for an assistance animal. An ESA letter is required to exempt assistance animals who support individuals with mental health conditions or cognitive disabilities from housing restrictions and pet fees, and to make reasonable requests for accommodation in the workplace.

There are different ways to obtain an emotional support animal letter, and one of those is through online ESA letter providers. Pettable is the best online ESA letter provider out there. Find out how we stack up against US Service Animals.

Pettable vs US Service Animals

Pettable and US Service Animals are two online providers of emotional support animal letters and services. Pettable maintains high standards for providing legal, legitimate ESA letters that meet all federal and state requirements and are guaranteed to work for housing, employment, or transportation needs. 

US Services Animals also provides emotional support animals but promotes registration of ESAs in their database which, unfortunately, doesn’t hold any legal weight when it comes to having a legitimate emotional support animal.


Pettable Logo US Service Animals Logo
Digital ESA Letter
Money-back guarantee
Real clinicians
Live consultations
Transparent team
Phone customer support available
Optional 24 hour turnaround
Additional documents for a fee

Who are US Service Animals?

US Service Animals offers services related to registering emotional support animals and psychiatric service dogs as well as the option to get an ESA letter or PSD letter from a licensed professional.

Pros Cons
  • Customer support available over the phone.
  • Services available for both ESAs and PSDs.
  • Offer service dog training.
  • Lacking transparency - the team and clinicians are not visible on the site.
  • Confusing and difficult to navigate website.
  • Offer some unecessary services & add ons.

How Does US Service Animals Process Work?

US Service Animals’ process gathers information about your pet, adds that information to their emotional support and service animal registry, and provides you with a certificate and ID card.

Option 1: Register Your Emotional Support Animal

US Service Animals offers registration of both emotional support animals and service animals which will include an ID card and certificate of registration but, neither of these things alone can serve as proof of a need for an ESA.

There’s no official registry for emotional support animals on either the federal or state levels, and the only way to certify an ESA is by getting an emotional support animal letter written by a licensed provider. 

Option 2: Speak with a Licensed Mental Health Professional

One of the requirements for getting a legitimate emotional support animal letter is at least one consultation with a licensed mental health professional (LMHP), sometimes more than one. US Service Animals offers this as an option but doesn’t offer consultations with a doctor or licensed mental health professional automatically, which is required by law in order to issue an ESA letter.

Pettable: Who are We?

Pettable is an online provider of services for emotional support animals and psychiatric service animals, offering both training and legitimate ESA letter and PSD letters. We take pride in our detailed yet seamless process for providing emotional support animal letters, and the fact that our methods follow all federal and state requirements.

Pettable works with world-class licensed mental health professionals in your state who will work with you, and provide you with an emotional support animal letter guaranteed to meet your needs.

Pros Cons
  • Clinicians licensed in all 50 states, D.C. & Puerto Rico
  • Easily reachable customer & legal support team
  • Trusted by 200+ customers
  • 24hour ESA letter turnaround available
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • No auto-renewal available.
  • Higher base price.

Our ESA Letter Process Explained

Pettable’s process for providing you with a legitimate emotional support animal letter is designed to be thorough yet efficient and meets all guidelines for federal and state requirements.

Take our Online Assessment

Step one for getting an emotional support animal letter through Pettable is taking our online assessment. The information will help our experts figure out the best way to assist you in meeting your needs for an ESA letter.

Book a Consultation

After the assessment, you’ll book a consultation to determine your eligibility for an emotional support animal. Consultations are legally required by federal and state laws to be sure an individual qualifies for an ESA.

Speak with a Licensed Mental Health Professional

Once your eligibility is determined, you’ll speak with a licensed mental health professional to get your emotional support animal letter. They’ll work with you to meet your specific needs and provide a letter that meets all requirements. 

Receive an ESA Letter or Get Your Money Back

After your consultation, your provider will issue your legal, legitimate emotional support animal letter. Pettable guarantees that ESA letters provided through our carefully vetted process will work for your needs regarding housing, transportation, or employment or your money back.

Why Choose Pettable

Pettable is the number one choice for online emotional support animal letters because we’re completely transparent about our services and requirements for an ESA. We offer what you need without trying to sell you accessories or a fake registration number.

Pettable’s network of quality mental health professionals spans all 50 states and we follow all federal, state, and local guidelines for ESA letters without skimping any details. Our emotional support animal letters are legal, legitimate, and guaranteed to meet your needs for housing, transportation, and employment or your money back.

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