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Pettable vs CertaPet: How Do We Compare?

Pettable and Certapet are two longstanding companies that connect people to licensed mental health professionals for ESA letters. Though both are a legitimate option if you are seeking an ESA letter, there are a few reasons why we believe Pettable stands above the competition.

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March 1, 2024
March 1, 2024
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March 1, 2024
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We know we are the best online ESA letter provider out there. Find out how we stack up against CertaPet.

When it comes to emotional support animals (ESAs), securing a legitimate ESA letter is a crucial step for those seeking the comforting companionship of their beloved pets. An ESA letter is an essential document that certifies an individual's need for an ESA and is issued by a licensed mental health professional (LMHP). 

Platforms like Pettable and CertaPet provide accessible online ESA letter services, simplifying the process for those in need. However, when choosing the right service, it’s necessary to understand the differences among them.

Securing a legitimate ESA letter is a crucial step for those seeking to obtain legal recognition for their emotional support animal. An ESA letter is an essential document that certifies an individual's need for an ESA and is issued by a licensed mental health professional (LMHP). 

Platforms like Pettable and CertaPet provide accessible online ESA letter services, simplifying the process for those in need. Ultimately, we recommend Pettable due to the 100% money-back guarantee and abundance of positive reviews online, however, when choosing the right service it’s necessary to understand the key differences.

At a glance:

  • Pettable — The most trustworthy ESA letter website.
  • Certapet — A reputable ESA letter provider.


Pettable Logo CertaPet Logo
Digital ESA Letter
Money-back guarantee
Real clinicians
Live consultations
Transparent team
Responsive customer support team
Optional 24 hour turnaround
Additional documents for a fee
Reviews Trust Pilot 4.7/5
Trust Pilot 4.4/5

Pettable vs CertaPet

Pettable and CertaPet offer similar services if you are looking to get a legitimate ESA letter. Both work with licensed mental health professionals in the United States who are qualified to assess your needs for an emotional support animal and write an ESA letter. Ultimately, the key differences lie in customer testimonies for the service, and additional peace of mind offered by money-back guarantees and a responsive customer service team that sets Pettable apart as the best and most trusted ESA letter service on the internet.

Who is CertaPet? 

CertaPet focuses on providing Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letters with a simple online process. They emphasize mental health, connecting individuals with licensed professionals who can assess their need for an ESA. They cater to those who need documentation for housing or travel purposes. Their process consists of an online assessment and a consultation with a therapist who will issue an ESA letter if you qualify.

CertaPet's logo
Pros Cons
  • Free online pre-screening.
  • Works with licensed therapists qualified to write ESA letters.
  • Have served over 65,000 clients.
  • User-friendly website.
  • No money-back guarantee.
  • Has received some negative reviews online.
  • Pre-screening is difficult to navigate.
  • Confusing checkout process.
  • No express ESA letter option.

The Bottom Line:

CertaPet is a good option for getting an ESA letter online. They work with licensed therapists in the United States and Canada who can issue you an ESA letter to access your housing rights. However, they fall short of some other providers specifically lacking a money-back guarantee in case your ESA letter is not accepted. Also, they don't offer an express option, so if you need your ESA letter within 24 hours you will have to look elsewhere.

Who is Pettable?

Pettable prides itself on transparency and adherence to federal and state ESA laws. Rest assured that your ESA letter from Pettable is legitimate will stand up to legal scrutiny and allow you to access your housing rights for an emotional support animal. On the off chance you run into issues, Pettable's excellent customer support will be there to help you and uphold the 100% money-back guarantee if your ESA letter fails. For these reasons, Pettable is the most trustworthy ESA letter service on the internet.

Pettable's logo.
Pros Cons
  • Clinicians licensed in all 50 states, D.C. & Puerto Rico
  • Easily reachable customer & legal support team.
  • Trusted by 150k+ customers.
  • 24hour ESA letter turnaround available
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • No auto-renewal available.
  • Higher base price.

The Bottom Line

Pettable is the best option for getting an ESA letter through an online service. They have an expansive network of clinicians across all 50 states who can issue you a legitimate ESA letter in as little as 24 hours. Furthermore, their 100% money-back guarantee offers extra assurance in case your landlord wrongfully denies your ESA letter, or if you don't end up qualifying for a letter.

Pettable ESA Letter Process Explained

Pettable simplifies the ESA letter process, ensuring a seamless journey toward obtaining an ESA letter.

The process involves:

  • Guaranteed Legitimacy — Pettable stands firmly behind the legitimacy of its ESA letters, offering a complete refund if an ESA letter is illegally denied. Although this is a rare circumstance, it is one that Pettable is prepared to address. 
  • Compliance with Laws — Committed to legal compliance, Pettable assures customers of adherence to ESA and PSD regulations for housing, travel, and HIPAA.
  • Experienced Professionals — With a vast network of LMHPs, Pettable ensures timely issuance of genuine ESA letters tailored to individual needs.
  • Nationwide Coverage — Operating in every state, Pettable ensures the validity of ESA letters, regardless of location changes.
  • Exceptional Support — Pettable offers seven days a week customer service. This comprehensive assistance is especially beneficial when landlords wrongfully deny legitimate ESA letters.

Take our Online Assessment

The Pettable online assessment involves a series of prompts and forms. These prompts ask for information about your emotional well-being and the reasons for seeking an ESA. 

Once you've completed and submitted the assessment, you’ll receive further instructions about booking a consultation with an LMHP.

Book a Consultation

To proceed with the evaluation necessary for obtaining your ESA letter, you need a consultation with an LMHP. If you encounter any challenges or require guidance, Pettable's customer service team, available via phone, email, or live chat, can assist in the process.

Speak with a Licensed Mental Health Professional

During a conversation with an LMHP, they'll assess your emotional well-being and discuss how an ESA could benefit you, exploring your needs, responsibilities, and reasons for considering an ESA. Based on this conversation, if deemed suitable, the LMHP may issue an ESA letter, validating your need for an emotional support animal within legal regulations.

Receive an ESA Letter or Get Your Money Back

Pettable offers a commitment to a risk-free service where customers can expect to receive their ESA letter, or 100% money back.

An image of the 100% Risk Free badge
Money Back Guarantee
If your ESA Letter is not approved, we will refund 100% of your payment.

How Does the CertaPet Process Work?

The CertaPet process mirrors Pettable's in many aspects, notably in connecting individuals with LMHPs for ESA letters. 

Take an Online Pre-Screening

CertaPet's online pre-screening is an initial assessment tool designed to determine an individual's eligibility for an ESA. It typically involves a questionnaire or assessment form where individuals provide information about their emotional well-being and the potential benefits they anticipate from having an ESA. This pre-screening helps CertaPet determine whether the individual might qualify for an ESA and if they should proceed with the next steps in acquiring an ESA letter through their platform.

Connect with Your Licensed Therapist 

This step involves linking individuals with an LMHP specializing in evaluating and supporting the need for an ESA. During this phase, the individual engages in a consultation or discussion with the assigned therapist. The conversation typically revolves around the individual's mental health concerns, exploring how an ESA could potentially offer support and discussing the specifics of their situation to determine if an ESA letter is suitable.

Receive an ESA Letter

This phase involves issuing an official ESA letter and validating the individual's need for an emotional support animal, outlining the therapeutic benefits and necessity of the animal for their mental health. This letter serves as formal documentation, granting certain rights for housing and travel in compliance with federal and state regulations on ESAs.

Why Choose Pettable?

Pettable's unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through a money-back guarantee, legal compliance, an expansive network of professionals, nationwide coverage, and dedicated customer support. This commitment reflects their understanding of the significance of ESAs in individuals' lives, to ensure a hassle-free experience for every customer.

Unlike Pettable's 100% money-back guarantee, CertaPet only offers partial refunds if the ESA letter is unsuccessful. Additionally, CertaPet is less transparent about their company and therapists, in contrast to Pettable's more comprehensive approach. Finally, Pettable boasts superior Trustpilot reviews compared to CertaPet reviews.


While both Pettable and CertaPet facilitate ESA letter issuance, Pettable's emphasis on customer trust, compliance, and comprehensive support stands out, making it a compelling choice for individuals seeking legitimacy and reliability in their ESA letter journey. 

Choosing an ESA service is a personal decision, but understanding the distinctive features and commitments of each platform can significantly impact the experience. When considering Pettable vs CertaPet, Pettable's unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and the bond between pets and their owners appears to shine through, promising a smoother and more reliable ESA letter issuance process.

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